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At Schuster & Associates, we provide transactional services and business counsel for clients
interested in buying, selling, or fractional lease of aircraft, starting an aircraft partnership, operating as a
Fixed Base Operator, flight school or charter operation. We make appearances before administrative and
government agencies as required to satisfy client needs, including those relating to enforcement of
regulations, use permits and operations. You'll be talking with an attorney who has also been a corporate
pilot, airline transport pilot, flight instructor and designated pilot examiner. Who better to understand your
We offer select aircraft listings, typically concentrating on aircraft which present exceptional value and
are likely to yield a high return on investment for you.
The Challenger below was painted and then had its interior refurbished. It then went to Duncan Aviation
for RVSM installation and equipment upgrades and was sold using our contract and services.
We also provide transactional and document inspection services for clients considering purchase of
used, experimental, or foreign aircraft.
Please call 562 596 5900 for more information.