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At Schuster & Associates, we specialize in aggressive representation of above- and below-the line-talent
including actors, art directors, camera operators, composers, directors, managers, producers, set
designers, special effects houses, and writers. In 1991, we expanded our entertainment representation to
include the multimedia industry, where we packaged and managed financing, production, and distribution of
several interactive CD-ROM projects. In 1996, we also managed business planning and transactional
arrangements for creation of theme restaurants. At present, we are on the vanguard protecting our clients'
likenesses and images from unlicensed and fraudulent use on the global computer network (a.k.a. "the
Our representation includes contracts drafting, negotiation, and litigation, as well as management of minor-
child performers and their unique legal situations. Often, we provide services on-location, ensuring that
situations can be handled without delay on a personal, real-time basis.
Consider us for your film entertainment industry needs; chances are that we've dealt with your type of
situation (successfully) many times before and can provide results-oriented service.