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Personal injury law encompasses a broad spectrum of civil disputes that may arise between two or more
parties. While advertisers may focus on accident injuries such as auto collisions and slip and falls, the field of
personal injury law involves much more. At Schuster & Associates, we handle many types of personal
injury cases, including those involving negligence as well as intentional acts (such as assault, battery,
conversion (theft), and defamation (slander & libel)).
The majority of cases are settled without trial but individuals and insurance companies are savvy, resourceful,
and unlikely to compensate a person for their injuries without a battle from a strong adversary; they are also
unlikely to settle a case if they do not believe you are prepared to take the matter all the way to trial. Many
"rights defenders" prove ineffective because they lack the ability or resources to take cases to trial. At
Schuster & Associates, you are represented by an experienced attorney, not an advertising agency. We
know the fine points of court procedure and trial practices and have a history filled with victories.
Why not let us fight for you? We can win the war.
Common Personal Injury Actions:
Auto collision (motor vehicle tort)
Battery (unwanted physical touching or contact)
Conversion (theft)
Dog Attacks (vicious animal/dangerous condition liability)
Intentional/Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
Medical/Professional Malpractice
Slip and Fall (accident/injury)