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In the post-Enron and Worldcom era, and after the meltdown of markets following CDO madness, nothing is
more important than ensuring complete compliance with corporate and securities laws.
At Schuster & Associates, we serve publicly traded corporations and provide a wealth of services, including
compliance management, preparation and review of filings, EDGARization, and services related to
restoration of listings for non-compliant corporations.
We can assist you with planning and implementation of capital structure changes, amendments to articles of
incorporation, shareholder proxy statements, and most any challenge you face as a corporate officer or
director. If you are an aggrieved party, we can also redress the harm you have suffered at the hands of
those who have been less than forthright in their business dealings.
Schuster & Associates has served as business and corporate counsel to some of the world's finest
ventures. Our clients have included businesses known worldwide in the entertainment, garment, and
software industries, as well as the largest real estate concern in the Century 21® system.
If you are operating a public company and find yourself fighting fires without results-oriented counsel to take
your business to the next level, consider us for your legal needs. We operate efficiently and typically save
our corporate clients thousands of dollars annually.