Administration With A Simple Will
Administration Using A Living Trust
     Advantages of a Living Trust
Avoids all probate costs
Can reduce or eliminate estate taxes
Can be changed or canceled at any time
Can be controlled by you and your spouse during your lifetimes
Prevents unintentional disinheriting
Prevents a conservatorship at physical or mental incapacity
Allows control by your trustee at incompetency or after death
Minimizes stress on your family at incompetency or after death
Preserves privacy
Very hard to contest
Allows immediate distribution of assets to beneficiaries
Don't think you have a large (enough) estate to worry about a living trust? Think again! The
market value of even the smallest of homes can result in a probate estate costing more than $10,000
to administer and settle. When you consider that estate planning can cost less than ten percent of that
amount and will eliminate all probate costs, it seems better to have that living trust drafted, doesn't it?
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